1987 – 2026 – 2020


My name is Christoph May and I am a researcher on masculinity. I give Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Webinars on critical masculinity and male fantasies in TV series and movies. In 2016 I founded the Men’s Studies Institute and in 2018 the Hetox Magazine. In parallel I run three Facebook groups: Detox Masculinity, Critical Masculinity, Male Fantasies and Male Monocultures.
I owe the lektorship and the content and aesthetic advice on this page to my companioness Stephanie May. You are a gifted writer, your intelligence stuns me and your humor is phenomenal. Our inexhaustible discussions about literature and the world mean everything to me! I admire your tremendous will to live and I am grateful every day anew that you share your joy, your suffering and your love with me.
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